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亚博app哪个好|陈忠和谈让球事件:应该讲这是战术 但违背体育精神
发布时间:2021-10-13 00:23:01

Netease Sports reported on September 25:


Deng Yaping interviewed former Chinese women’s volleyball coach Chen Zhonghe. Regarding the controversial “handling the ball” in 2002, Chen Zhonghe said that handing the ball was a tactic at the time, but it did violate the spirit of sportsmanship. He failed to win gold in the Beijing Olympics. To be honest, this is a regret in my life, because the Olympic Games are only held in China once in 100 years.


In 2001, Chen Zhonghe coached the Chinese women's volleyball team. Looking back, Chen Zhonghe bluntly said that no one in the country was optimistic about himself. "I think it is impossible for anyone to lead this team to win the championship. It is at the level of five or six. Especially for Chen Zhong and this accompaniment, he is even less optimistic about Chen Zhonghe. He thinks that Chen Zhonghe came from a passing background and is temporary. I am very unhappy to hear this news. I said that the Chinese women's volleyball team has its own tradition, why should we hire foreigners, isn't our Chinese coach all right?" I said I am not a very good coach, nor the best coach in the country, but At this time I am the most suitable. why? I follow so many coaches, Yuan Weimin, Deng Ruozeng, including Hu Jinhe

2001年,陈忠和执教中国女排。回顾过去,陈忠和直言不讳地说,全国没有人对自己感到乐观。 “我认为任何人都不可能带领这支球队赢得冠军。目前只有五六名。特别是对于陈忠和他的伴奏,他对陈忠和的乐观程度甚至更低。他认为陈忠和来了从路过的背景,是暂时的。我很不爽,听到这个消息,我说中国女排有自己的传统,我们为什么要聘请外国人,是不是我们中国教练还好吗?”我说我不是一个很好的教练,也不是该国最好的教练,但是目前我是最合适的。为什么?我跟随袁伟民,邓若增,胡锦河等众多教练

Chen Zhonghe revealed that it was a vote at the time, "I voted relatively low, and Hu Jin should be the highest, but in the end it was me. People say that the dark horse will come out, so I dare not let me participate in the press conference because I don’t know how to do it. Speaking, they said they chose a coach who can do things but can't speak. He was very passive at the time. Because of his bad background, I was more concerned about newspaper evaluations, but they were all messed up. Later, I didn't read it and I just did it."


After leading the team to win the Grand Champions Cup soon, when Deng Yaping asked whether the women's volleyball training was very hard, Chen Zhonghe gave an affirmative answer: "Like Wang Yimei, she does electroacupuncture. It should be very painful and she fell asleep with electricity. I only took one day off in eight years. I didn’t give my team members a full day off. Some people were crying. I was doing ideological work. If I said I couldn’t get my grades, you would scold me."


Speaking of the unbearable 2002 World Championships handicap, Chen Zhonghe said: "It should be said that this is a tactic. For example, when you were Italy, I thought I could not beat you. Of course I avoided you and played a good one. Playing in Brazil. But Yuan Weimin was right to criticize and violated the spirit of sports. Later, I thought about it. If you let go of your mind at that time and work hard with the little tiger's spirit, you might get better results. I think so."

在谈到2002年世锦赛令人难以忍受的障碍时,陈忠和说:“应该说这是一种战术。例如,当你在意大利的时候,我以为我不能打败你。当然,我避开了你,打得很出色。在巴西打球,但袁为民批评和侵犯体育精神是正确的,后来我想到了,如果那时放开头脑,努力与小老虎精神在一起,也许会得到更好的结果。 我想是这样。”

"At that time in 2002, I was rated as one of the top ten tragic figures in the country. It was said that through reliable information from the General Administration, the countdown to the end of get out of class, I was very sad at that time and made me unwilling to dismiss the get out of class. There will be the Asian Games in 2002. If the Asian Games meet me Classes must be dismissed if they fail. The team members were very united at that time. Zhao Ruirui drew a cartoon and each team member wrote me a blessing. On my birthday, they paid for flowers and sent them to the stadium. I was very touched. All of the Asian Games Win the championship."


In the 2003 World Cup with 11 consecutive victories, the Chinese women's volleyball team pointed to the Athens Olympic gold medal. Chen Zhonghe recalled the Athens Olympic gold medal and talked about Zhao Ruirui's injury. He said: "The 2004 Olympics were more confident, but at the beginning of the year, Zhao Ruirui suddenly broke a bone. Zhao Ruirui said at the time that her feet hurt, but the doctor came back and told me that periostitis was fine. Of course I listened to the doctor and asked her to continue training. Doctor I asked her to take painkillers and took painkillers for a week. I didn’t know. One day she told me that it was very painful. Later that morning when I was training, I called the doctor over, one kept saying it hurts, and the other said it’s okay. , Who’s the problem, I’ll check again after training today. I didn’t expect the tibia and fibula to be broken in the middle of the training. When I reported to the platoon management center, my tears fell and I cried."

在2003年世界杯上连续11场胜利中,中国女排指出了雅典奥运会的金牌。陈忠和回顾了雅典奥运会的金亚博app哪个好牌,并谈到了赵瑞瑞的伤势。他说:“ 2004年奥运会更加自信,但是在年初,赵瑞瑞突然骨折了。赵瑞瑞当时说她的脚受伤了,但是医生回来告诉我,骨膜炎很好。我当然听了医生的要求,让她继续训练,我让她服用止痛药并亚博app哪个好服用了一个星期的止痛药,我不知道,有一天她告诉我,这非常痛苦,那天早上我在训练中,我打电话给医生,一个一直说很痛,另一个说没问题。,是谁的问题,今天训练后我会再检查一次。我没想到胫骨和腓骨会在手术中破裂。当我向排管理中心报告时,我的眼泪掉了,我哭了。”

"I told Zhao Ruirui at the time that as long as you can go, I will take you to the Olympics. The Olympics will take her. The first game against the United States sent Zhao Ruirui to go first. Just two rounds will not work. I did not expect Zhang Ping to play the whole game. It was very good." Chen Zhonghe said: "The decisive battle against Russia is stronger than us in terms of ability. It should be 51 to 49 probability. That game is more interesting. After losing the two games, I put my whole heart at ease. The task given to us this time was the top three, and the task was overfulfilled. As a result, the next three games were let go and we were ahead all the way."


"The reporter called Shocking Reversal. What's interesting is that five TV stations were waiting for interviews at my house, but after two rounds, they ran away. Only CCTV was there, because CCTV might have nowhere to go. Stay there until the end. , I heard that after winning, many ran back." As for how it feels to win the championship, Chen Zhonghe said: "I feel that no amount of money can buy this kind of emotion, and I don’t have this feeling when I give you 10 million. Through 365 days a year It’s not easy to get a grade once it breaks out."

“记者叫亚博app应用“令人震惊的逆转。有趣的是,有五个电视台在我家等着采访,但两轮之后,他们逃跑了。只有央视在那里,因为央视可能无处可去。一直待到最后。” ,听说获胜后很多人都跑了回来。”至于赢得冠军的感觉,陈忠和说:“我觉得没有钱能买到这种情感,当我给你一千万时,我就没有这种感觉。一年365天,成绩一旦突破就很难。”

Chen Zhonghe couldn’t hide his regrets for the United States, which lost to Lang Ping coaching at home in the 2008 Olympics, and failed to win the gold medal. “I told the players what is the most precious thing in our lives. My answer is water and air. I said that you are all right. But under certain conditions, the Beijing Olympics is the most precious. Why? It takes only 100 years to hold the Olympics in China. You say precious is not precious. Lost, the pressure is too great I really want to achieve results in my own country and make a little contribution to the country. It is indeed a regret in my life that I did not win the championship."

陈忠和对美国深表歉意。美国在2008年奥运会上输给了郎平(Lang Ping)主教练,但未能赢得金牌。 “我告诉球员,我们一生中最珍贵的东西是什么。我的答案是水和空气。我说你没事。但是在一定条件下,北京奥运会是最宝贵的。为什么?在中国举办奥运会仅需100年。您说珍贵并不珍贵。迷失了,压力太大了,我真的很想在自己的国家取得成果并对这个国家做出一点贡献。对于我一生没有赢得冠军,我的确感到遗憾。”

Deng Yaping comforted and said that victory or defeat is commonplace in the military. Chen Zhonghe said: "It is easy to say but not easy to do, because after four years of hard work, it is in the motherland again. The opportunity is given to you. You did not catch it and did not do it in some places. it is good."


Regarding whether the Chinese women's volleyball team will continue to create glory in the next ten years, Chen Zhonghe said: "I think the hope is greater. This batch of Lang Ping should have the best historical conditions. You are like Zhu Ting. I think it is a rare experience in 100 years. An athlete, Zhang Changning and Yuan Xinyue have good minds and flexibility. I dare not say that they win the championship every time, but they have good strength."


What does this era give you? Chen Zhonghe's answer is: "I still care about me very much, because I succeeded after all, and it is also a good system. Because of our nationwide system, a team member grows and achieves results. All parties are inseparable from guarantees and cannot be achieved abroad. ."


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