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At Elland Road Stadium, Manchester City drew 1-1 with Leeds United. Yes, it was not the Blue Moon who was tied, but the newly promoted team, because Leeds United had more scoring opportunities, especially in the second half. I have to say that in this "master-disciple duel" with Bielsa, although Gua Shuai did not lose, he was "taught" by his master.

在Elland Road体育场,曼城与利兹联(Leeds United)战成1-1。是的,不是蓝月亮被并列,而是新晋升的球队,因为利兹联队有更多的得分机会,尤其是在下半场。我不得不说,在与别尔萨的“大师门徒对决”中,尽管瓜帅没有输球,但他还是被他的大师“教”了。

Guardiola and Bielsa have a deep connection. As early as 2006, Guardiola, who had not retired, was introduced by Argentine striker Batistuta from Mexico to Argentina to seek advice from Bielsa. The two talked freely for 11 hours. Pep delved into Bielsa's videos and notes, which definitely benefited a lot. Since then, he has established a relationship between teachers and friends.

瓜迪奥拉和比尔萨有着深厚的联系。早在2006年,尚未退休的瓜迪奥拉就由阿根廷前锋巴蒂斯图塔从墨西哥引进阿根廷,以寻求比尔萨的建议。两人畅谈了11个小时。 Pep深入研究了Bielsa的视频和笔记,这无疑从中受益匪浅。从那时起,他建立了老师和朋友之间的关系。

Later, Guardiola and Bielsa met in La Liga. Barcelona is obviously stronger than Athletic Bilbao, but after three encounters, the "lunatic" can still win a draw. The last time the two met was in the Copa del Rey final of the 2011-12 season. It was the last match of Gua Shuai coaching Barcelona and defeated "Master" 3-0. The scene after the game was even more touching: Bielsa gave the opponent the information about Barcelona, ​​and Pep exclaimed: "You know Barcelona better than I do!"


After Bielsa led Leeds to the Premier League, Pep Guardiola specially congratulated: "The best coach in the world has come to the Premier League!" However, Bielsa never regards himself as a handsome master, but only appreciates each other's "juniors". The equal relationship with learning can also be seen in the "lunatic" way of life.

贝尔萨(Bielsa)带领利兹(Leeds)进入英超联赛后,瓜迪奥拉(Pep Guardiola)特别祝贺:“世界上最好的教练来了英超!但是,比尔萨从不认为自己是一个英俊的大师,而只是欣赏彼此的“后辈”。与学习的平等关系也可以从“疯子”的生活方式中看出。

From the perspective of overall strength, one is the Premier League giants, the other is the newly promoted; a cluster of stars, a majority of players from the English Championship or even League One-Manchester City and Leeds United seem to be not at the same level.


After the opening, Manchester City used strong pressure to take the initiative, creating multiple opportunities, and Sterling opened the record in the 17th minute, which seemed to be 3 points. But after relieving this breath, Leeds United began to show off, Dallas shot from the left side of the penalty area, and Erin seized Mendy's single-handed push, which was a very good scoring opportunity. Unfortunately, they were all saved by Edson.


In the second half, the White Coats performed even better, thanks to Bielsa's timely adjustment:


Judging from the data of the whole game, Leeds United's possession rate reached 52%, which is even higher than Manchester City-this is very rare for Guardiola's team. Manchester City scored 23 shots, more than 12 of Leeds United's, but only 2 shots on target, not as good as the opponent's 7 shots. In addition, according to SofaScore's statistics, the home team got 5 scoring opportunities, wasted 4 times and hit the goal frame 2 times, while the away team got 0 scoring opportunities and hit the goal frame 2 times.


In short, Manchester City did not lose, or took away 1 point from Elland Road Stadium, but failed to avoid the embarrassment of two rounds. More importantly, in the contest with Bielsa, Guardiola was really compared, letting the "teacher" teach himself a lesson.

简而言之,曼城并没有输掉比赛,也没有从埃兰路球场(Elland Road Stadium)拿走1分,但是未能避免两轮比赛的尴尬。更重要的是,在与比尔萨(Bielsa)的比赛中,确实比较了瓜迪奥拉(Guardiola),让“老师”自学一堂。

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